Thousands of Tickets Still Available for Orange Bowl

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The Seminoles are going BCS bowling for the first time in seven years. Unfortunately for the university, their showdown with Northern Illinois hasn't been a hot ticket.

"The secondary markets got a lot of Orange Bowl tickets on it right now for a lot of different reasons," said FSU Assistant Director of Athletics for Media and Public Relations Rob Wilson. "It's important to us that our fans buy through Florida State because we have a financial commitment to that, so we've cut our tickets in half."

The 17,500 tickets FSU had to sell originally ranged from $225 to $75 but, in order to try and limit the damage of slow sales, the university is now offering tickets from $112.50 to $37.50.

Even if FSU sold all 17,500 tickets, the university is still guaranteed to lose money with the discounts.

"The athletic department, unfortunately, that comes right out of our budget for athletics if you have to pay some for a bowl game, and that's unfortunately not unusual for a lot of teams," said Wilson.

Even with the price drop, it may not be enough for some students.

"Even though the tickets have been cut in price, the price of actually attending the event and making the trip out there is still too much for me to see them play a subpar, mid-major school," said FSU student Max Fay.

As of December 10th, Florida State says they have moved about 4,000 tickets and NIU has distributed 5,500, including free tickets to any student who signs up.

The ACC will help foot some of the bill for the remaining tickets if Florida State can sell more than 6,000 for the January 1st game.

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