Bomb Threat at Taylor County Courthouse [SLIDE SHOW]

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Courtrooms and officers were full of people first thing Monday morning at the Taylor County Courthouse. That changed thanks to one phone call.

"At 8:24 a.m. we received a call to our dispatch, an anonymous call from somebody, threatening there was a bomb at the courthouse," said LT. Chris Folsom of the Taylor County Sheriff's Office.

Usually on a Monday the parking lot at the Taylor County Courthouse is packed with cars, but after the bomb threat almost 100 people had to evacuate the building.

At 10 a.m. the building was completely emptied as deputies and police officers did a search of the building. Shortly after that, a bomb-sniffing dog from the FDLE canvassed the building inside and out and found nothing.

"It went really smooth actually for a situation that we don't handle very often."

Around 1 p.m., the courthouse was cleared and the courts and offices were reopened. For those inside the building, they're just happy they could get back to work.

"You're always concerned and you wonder if it's for real but you assume it is," said circuit judge Greg Parker.

The Taylor County Sheriff's Office says the investigation into the threat is ongoing.

By: James Buechele

Perry, FL - At about 8:30 am the Taylor County Sheriff's Office received a call threatening a bomb threat on the Taylor County Courthouse in Perry.

Officials had the building evacuated by 10 am. 75 to 100 people were inside at the time. Deputies swept the building and each room for 30 minutes. FDLE brought in a bomb sniffing dog into each room.

Deputies gave the all clear at 1:00 pm. Later this afternoon employees will be allowed to come back in. Investigation into the threat is on-going.

Perry, FL - The Perry Police Department is reporting a 'specific threat' at the Courthouse.

The Courthouse has been evacuated, and the Perry Police Department is currently sweeping the Courthouse and surrounding areas.

WCTV has a reporter heading to the scene and we'll bring you more information as it becomes available.

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