Three Houses Reportedly Burglarized Within 36 Hour Time Period

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By:Kara Duffy

Thomasville Police are investigating three residential burglarizes, all reported within a 36 hour time period; one on Monday night and two on Tuesday night.

"It's bad for everybody now because you used to never hear about this in Thomasville and now, you hear about it all the time," said Janet Johnson, who lives right next door to one of the homes that was burglarized.

According to police, there's been a rash of burglaries scattered throughout the city over the past month.

Just last week, they alerted people in the area to what was going on, but that hasn't curved the problem.

In fact, they say burglars are stealing everything from food to electronics, and in some cases, the criminals are making themselves right at home.

"In one burglary, someone entered the house and drank their Coca-Cola and on the same premises, there was a shed that the lady has in the rear of her residence and someone actually moved into the shed," said Lt. Eric Hampton with the Thomasville Police Department.

Inside the shed officers found a baby mattress, a television and a heater.

Police say they're not sure at this time if any of the burglaries are connected.

"I hope they catch whoever is doing it, that way everybody can feel safe in their homes again," said Johnson.

Police are asking anyone with information on these crimes to call them immediately.