Three Men Charged In Theft Of Chicken Statue

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Associated Press Release

PALATKA, Fla. (AP) -- Three men in north Florida have been charged with the theft of a giant purple chicken statue.

The Florida Times-Union reports the men took the 9-foot, 600-pound aluminum chicken from a home in Putnam County on Tuesday. They hooked it to a Chevrolet truck and dragged it a mile down the road. The owner of the bird told deputies he saw one of the thieves mount the bird and ride it.

The men then unhooked the statue and fled. Detectives located them the next day.

All three suspects are between the ages of 18 and 21 and have been charged with grand theft. The chicken has been returned to its rightful owner, but suffered a lacerated leg, cracked claw and scarring on its side from the ordeal.

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