Three Valdosta Residents Reflect On Witnessing Boston Bombings

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By Greg Gullberg
April 16, 2013

Valdosta, GA - Three Valdosta residents were running the Boston Marathon Monday. But little did they know they were about to become eyewitnesses to history.

"I felt the shake and I saw the smoke and I heard people screaming," said April Scruggs.

"And all the runners were crying. I was crying. It was just sheer panic," said Yvette Moore.

"It sounded like a transformer exploded," said Sean McConnell.

Each experienced the pair of explosions first hand. But in the heat of the moment they didn't know what happened, what to do, or where to go.

"I could see from the blast it was near a building. Nobody knew whether to go into a building or stand in the street or what," said Yvette Moore.

"At that point I had not been able to get a hold of my two runner friends so I was really starting to panic. And they were trying to call me but none of the phones were working," said April Scruggs.

Cell phone service had been shut off to prevent remote detonations.
The runners described the scene as "calm chaos" and each credit first responders with being well prepared to handle the situation.

"Just the runners who I've talked to said they'll run it again. We're not going to let some person who is not in the right mind determine what we will and will not do," said Sean McConnell.

"It's devastating when you turn around and think you were hoping to accomplish something great and all these people are either hurt or dead," said Yvette Moore.

"There were several runners on my flight from Boston to Atlanta and we were all in tears because it just kind of hits you that it will never be the same. It. Won't. Ever. Be. The. Same," said April Scruggs.

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