Time to Splash & Jam!

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Press Release: City of Tallahassee

City's Splash & Jam Offers Oodles of Safe Summer Fun -

Dive into another year of the Splash & Jam program with a special preview party taking place next week. On Wednesday, June 4, at 11 a.m., City officials will officially kick-off Splash & Jam by hosting a preview party at the Robinson-Trueblood pool located at the Lawrence-Gregory Community Center. This jammin' event will feature interactive games and FREE pool noodles for the first 100 kids. Hosted by the City's Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Affairs (PRNA) department and the Tallahassee Police Department (TPD), Splash & Jam, which originally began in 2011, offers local teens with safe alternatives for late night summer fun.

"Next week, many kids will be out on summer break; and, while they may not be thinking about using their noodle over the summer, they should," said City Commissioner Andrew Gillum, who first championed the idea for this program. "By using their noodles and coming out to Splash & Jam, kids can have fun enjoying music, playing games and hanging out with friends. For parents, it's definitely the brainy thing to do! Parents can rest easy knowing that their kid is in a safe place and it's all for free."

During the preview party, City officials and staff will have oodles of fun leading kids through several interactive games, including Noodle Limbo and a Noodle relay race. Families who come to the preview party between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. can stay all day, free of charge. So, use your noodle and come early! That way, you can enjoy a full day in the pool for FREE and snag one of those FREE pool noodles.

This summer, Splash & Jam events will take place from 8-11 p.m. every Friday (except July 4), beginning on June 6 and ending on August 15. Splash & Jam events are free and open to youth of all ages. They feature a variety of supervised, safe and fun activities. The events rotate between four PRNA facilities known for being actively involved in their respective communities: the Jack L. McLean Aquatics Center and Community Center, the Walker-Ford Community Center, the Palmer Munroe Teen Center and the Lawrence-Gregory Community Center.

Splash & Jam events will feature pool parties at the aquatics facilities. A deejay, food and other fun activities, such as late-night basketball, movies, games and more, will keep the party going in the adjacent community centers.

Below is a full schedule of this year's events.

•June 6, Jack McLean Community Center, 700 Paul Russell Road
•June 13, Walker-Ford Community Center, 2301 Pasco Street
•June 20, Palmer Munroe Teen Center, 1900 Jackson Bluff Road
•June 27, Lawrence-Gregory Community Center, 1115 Dade Street
•July 11, Jack McLean Community Center
•July 18, Walker-Ford Community Center
•July 25, Lawrence-Gregory Community Center
•August 1, Jack McLean Community Center
•August 8, Walker-Ford Community Center
•August 15, Lawrence-Gregory Community Center
Each event will be monitored by adult chaperones, City staff and police officers.

For more information, please contact PRNA at 891-3866 or visit Talgov.com/parks.

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