Tips and Tricks for Google Now

CNET Report
August 26, 2014

Google Now can do a lot more than let you search by voice. Here are a bunch of ways to turn it into the ultimate personal assistant.

Google Now understands very specific commands combining two or more factors. For example, try asking for the weather on a specific day.
You can also ask to play a song by a specific artist.

By interpreting when you've stopped driving, Google Now will pinpoint your parking location and display it as a card.

Just because you're dictating an e-mail doesn't mean you have to sacrifice good grammar.

When speaking, just say punctuation like, "Hey 'comma' where are you 'question mark.'" You can also say things like "smiley face" or "sad face."

If you want to make your personal assistant sound a little more sophisticated than your friends', change the accent. You can do so by going to Google Now settings, Voice, Language, and changing the primary language to English (UK).

You can identify any song that's playing by saying, "What am I listening to?" and Google will go into Shazam mode, identifying the song, and giving you the option to purchase it.

This can also be used for live TV. Just say, "Listen to TV" and Now will give your more info about whatever program you're watching.

When you're too drowsy to set an alarm, let Google Now do it. Just say something like, "Wake me up at 5:30 a.m. tomorrow" and the alarm will be set.

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