Top LCSO Leader To Leave Temporarily

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They protect your safety with more than 600 employees and an over $60-million budget.

Soon there will be a temporary change in a top leadership post at the Leon County Sheriff's Office.

"I do want to come back and Sheriff Campbell has expressed a desire to bring me back," said LCSO Major Mike Wood.

Wood has served 31 years with the Leon County Sheriff's Office.

Currently, he's the senior member of Sheriff Larry Campbell's Command Staff overseeing law enforcement, including all patrol officers.

At the end of June, Wood will retire, temporarily.

He says it's a financial decision he's making with his family in mind.

"They're the first and most important part thing in my life, so that's how I came by that decision," he said.

Wood tells us as part of his participation in the Deferred Retirement Option Plan or DROP, he has about a $500,000 nest egg.

To participate in DROP, Wood must leave the sheriff's office for six months.

He plans to return to LCSO January 1st.

Under law, six months after his return, he'll get both his $120,000 annual salary and $90,000 a year in retirement payments.

In a statement, Sheriff Campbell says he plans to promote Wood to Undersheriff when he returns.

There's currently no one in that position.

Campbell says Wood will provide much needed stability as several other retirement related LCSO departures are scheduled.

Wood acknowleges his return will help him in his bid to be the next sheriff.

Sheriff Campbell, who's battling lung cancer, says he won't run for re-election.

Wood says it's no secret he's running and has already spoken to local consultant Gary Yordon.

He also doesn't expect his 6 month absence will be a problem for LCSO.

"We're confident for the 6 months that I'll be out, that we'll hold serve and everything will be absolutely status quo," Wood said.

During Wood's absence from LCSO, Sheriff Campbell says Captain Todd McKissack will fill the role of Law Enforcement Director.

Wood tells us shortly after his return, McKissack is scheduled to retire and not return to LCSO.

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