Free Rides & Tows For St. Patrick's Day Weekend

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Press Release: AAA Auto Club Group

TAMPA, Fla. (March 11, 2013) – AAA and Bud Light will help protect motorists for St. Patrick’s Day weekend with the Tow to Go program. The Auto Club Group has provided the Tow to Go service for more than 15 years because it allows AAA to protect the freedom and mobility of motorists on our roadways. The program’s mission is to discourage an intoxicated driver from getting behind the wheel and risking the lives and safety of other motorists. Anyone, AAA member or not, can call for a Tow to Go ride, March 15-17.

Nearly two in 5 (41%) consumers think people are more likely to use a designated driver on St. Patrick’s Day weekend, with a majority (56%) reporting that they think people tend to drink more alcohol when compared to other holidays.

“This program is invaluable because it brings attention to the dangers of drinking and driving beyond just giving an intoxicated driver a safe ride home on the holiday weekend,” said Gerry Gutowski, Sr. Vice President, Automotive Services, The Auto Club Group. “St. Patrick’s Day is on a Sunday this year so people may be inclined to celebrate throughout the weekend and they need to have a plan for a designated driver before they have their first drink.”

“The Tow to Go program is an effective way to promote the use of designated drivers and help prevent drunk driving,” said Kathy Casso, vice president of Corporate Social Responsibility for Anheuser-Busch. “We’re pleased to partner with AAA and their emergency roadside service drivers to help keep our roads safe.”

Since its inception in 1998, Tow to Go has safely removed more than 22,000 intoxicated drivers from the roads. The service is designed to be used as a last resort. It is offered based on availability of AAA drivers and tow trucks during times of high call volume.

Tow to Go Services:

The AAA tow truck takes the vehicle and the driver home
Confidential local ride within a 10-mile radius to a safe location
Service is provided in Florida, Georgia and Tennessee
Free and available to both AAA members and non-members
Tow to Go Service Area(s)
Phone Number

FL, GA or West & Middle TN
(855) 2-TOW-2-GO or (855) 286-9246

East TN: Knox, Blount, Sevier, Cocke, Jefferson, Grainger, Union, Roane and Loudon counties
(800) 234-1222

Anheuser-Busch Wholesalers have been a cosponsor of the program since its inception in 1998. Not only has the company provided funding for the service, it has also worked with local bars and restaurants throughout Florida, Georgia and Tennessee to help educate servers on the importance of not over serving their customers.

The Auto Club Group (ACG) is the second largest AAA club in North America. ACG and its affiliates provide membership, travel, insurance and financial services offerings to approximately 8.8 million members across 11 states and two U.S. territories including Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, Nebraska, North Dakota, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands; most of Illinois, Minnesota; and a portion of Indiana. ACG belongs to the national AAA federation with nearly 53 million members in the United States and Canada and whose mission includes protecting and advancing freedom of mobility and improving traffic safety.

For nearly three decades, Anheuser-Busch and its nationwide network of 600 wholesalers have invested more than $930 million in national advertising campaigns and community-based programs to encourage responsible drinking and prevent underage drinking and drunk driving. For more information on these efforts and the progress being made in fighting underage drinking and drunk driving, visit

The AAA Consumer Pulse™ Survey was conducted online among residents living in the Southern Region of The Auto Club Group (Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee) from January 18 - 20, 2013. A total of 1,247 residents completed the survey. The survey has a maximum margin of error of +/- 2.8 percentage points. Overall survey responses are weighted by gender and age within state to ensure reliable and accurate representation of the adult population (18+) in Florida, Georgia and Tennessee.

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