Packed Town Hall On 'Stand Your Ground' And Zimmerman Verdict [GALLERY]

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By: Bailey Myers
July 22, 2013

Tallahassee FL - Hundreds of residents in Tallahassee are thinking forward and using the recent past to muster up steam.

A community forum at the 'Palmer Munroe Teen Center' was packed-- and all eyes were on what some call a controversial 'Stand Your Ground' law.

During the meeting elected officials and local attorneys focused on the next step. With one speaker saying "You need to register to vote if you aren't". Voting is the next step according to this panel of elected officials and attorneys.

The Public Defender of the Second Judicial Circuit here in Florida, Nacy Daniels, said "There is tremendous frustration, disappointment, anger outrage about how the law was applied in this case."

Those attending the meeting were there because they want change. Assistant State Attorney, Jack Campbell explained his view by saying, "I think as a community we need to start talking about how to change this community so we don't have those situations."

There wasn't a single empty seat, because everyone there had questions and wanted answers. All wanting to know how do they make change happen.

Public Defender Daniels said, "You have to respond by contacting your legislators and then if the current legislator isn't willing to do anything about it then voting for people who will take another look at it."

The panel says the next step is getting people registered to vote. They passed out voter registration cards during the meeting in hopes of getting people involved with their local elections.

WCTV has a reporter at the meeting and will bring you more tonight on WCTV Eyewitness News at 11.

Press Release: City of Tallahassee

The Tallahassee Branch of the NAACP and the City of Tallahassee's Human Relations Council are hosting a town hall meeting to engage the community in a discussion in the aftermath of the George Zimmerman trial. The meeting will take place Monday, July 22, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Palmer Munroe Teen Center, 1900 Jackson Bluff Road.

"It is important to look at the psychological affects and pressures that situations like this cause in the community," said Rashad Mujahid, vice chairman of the Tallahassee Human Relations Council, a citizen committee appointed by the City Commission. "Our goal is to bring people together when there are issues that can be divisive, with a focus on finding solutions and actions that move us forward in a positive manner."

The town hall meeting will allow citizens to hear from panelists discussing issues related to the outcome of the Zimmerman trial and what the stand your ground law means for individuals and children in the community. Panelists will include Nancy Daniels of the Public Defender's Office, Jack Campbell of the State Attorney's Office and local attorneys Chuck Hobbs and Andrea Nelson. Area religious and community leaders and local law enforcement officials will also take part, with City Commissioner Andrew Gillum serving as moderator.

"We believe it is critical for the community to come out and truly learn the extent of the stand your ground law and the impact it can have on our youth and the citizens of Tallahassee and Leon County," said Dale Landry, president of the NAACP.

The town hall meeting will build on previous work by the NAACP, the Tallahassee Human Relations Council, the City of Tallahassee and other community groups to assist youths and adults in feeling safe in the city, community and school campuses.

The Tallahassee Human Relations Council was established in 1994 and consists of 11 citizen members who serve in an advisory capacity to the Tallahassee City Commission and the City's Equity and Workforce Development Office. The Council works to promote an understanding of human relation issues, develop relationships between diverse community groups and proactively establish processes to help addresses diversity issues in the community.

Anyone with a disability requiring accommodations at the Town Hall meeting, should call (850) 891-8130 or FRS TDD, 1-800-955-8771, at least 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) prior to the start of the meeting.

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