Local Transportation Meeting Asks For Community Feedback

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By: Gina Pitisci
May 23, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - A meeting held tonight in Tallahassee gave citizens a chance to voice their opinions about transportation projects in the community. Each year the Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency hosts a meeting to discuss transportation projects and hear feedback from citizens on projects that they would like to see funded.

According to Concurrency Management Planner, Ryan Guffey, "I'd like to listen to what residents say and also provide them with any information that I can in terms of what local government is doing related to the transportation network."

The Transportation Improvement Program includes transportation projects such as pedestrian, bicycle, roadway, transit, and aviation located within Gadsden, Jefferson, Leon, and Wakulla counties. CRTPA Transportation Planner, Greg Burke, says "The TIP which actually is a 5 year document that shows which transportation projects have received state and federal funding in the 4 county area of the Tallahassee Capital region."

Wednesday night, a meeting was held in Crawfordville and those who attended made sure their concerns were heard. Burke says "A lot of folks were there who were interested in seeing what transportation proposals or plans there are for Crawfordville Highway and how some of the congestion there might be addressed." CRTPA already has approval on a few projects which will improve pedestrian safety.

Burke reveals: "In the next year or so, we will be constructing medians from approximately Tharpe Avenue in the north, south to 7th Avenue to assist with pedestrian safety as folks cross the street to go to Lake Ella which as you know is quite a popular location in the Tallahassee area."

The TIP program will be adopted on June 17th at the CRTPA Board meeting. The meeting is free and open to the public. For more information, go to www.crtpa.org

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