Trash Piles Up In Lowndes County After Changes To Ordinance

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By Greg Gullberg
Feb. 07, 2013

Valdosta, GA - There's a lot of trash piling up in Lowndes County. There's no one coming to get it and it's illegal to dump it or burn it yourself.

As of last Friday, "Advanced Disposal" is the only waste management company for the unincorporated parts of the county. We talked to one resident who lives East of Valdosta who says he signed on with "Advanced" over a month ago but he's still waiting on a trash can. Now his garbage is piling up and he says this whole thing just stinks.

"If they don't do something pretty quick this county is going to start stinking from the smoke of this trash burning up around here," said Otto Markins, Lowndes resident. "When the wind ain't blowing it gets pretty rough. It's been there two weeks, some of it because I've got no where else to put the garbage."

They're having similar problems in the cities of Dasher and Lake Park because those municipalities have yet to sign any agreement with Advanced. We called and emailed Advanced Disposal several times Thursday but we got no response.

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