Travelers Make It Home For The Holiday

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While some people were already comfy inside their homes, others were traveling to make it home for the holidays.

One of the busiest spots locally was the Tallahassee Regional Airport.

Leoric Johnson's journey home started at two in the morning in Colorado.

"The trip was pretty good," said Johnson. "The airports weren't full. We left early morning in Colorado so it made everything smooth and easy."

Johnson is one of millions of Americans that flew on Christmas Day in order to spend time with family.

"It means a lot because out in Colorado you don't have too many family members out there. To see family means a lot and I missed the southern cooking."

Carolyn Sibley waited patiently for her son at the terminal to join the rest of her family in Madison.

"We would drive down together [from Atlanta]," said Sibley.

Most of the people arriving at Tallahassee Regional Airport didn't have issues with delays which made traveling for Wayne Morse and his family a lot easier.

"Way less stress," said Morse. "It was great. My wife was a little stressed but everything went fine."

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