VIDEO: Trayvon Martin's Mother Speaks Out Over Stand Your Ground Law

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News Service of Florida Release

The mother of Trayvon Martin is asking how many children have to be killed before Florida takes action to repeal its controversial Stand Your Ground law.

Sybrina Fulton stood with more than a dozen lawmakers at the state Capitol today and made a poignant plea to lawmakers to fix the Stand Your Ground provision.

The law allows anyone to use deadly force in public if they feel a serious threat. The man charged with killing Trayvon Martin is using that defense.

Rep. Alan Williams and Sen. Dwight Bullard are sponsoring legislation to repeal the Stand Your Ground law. Williams says such laws empower people to shoot first and ask questions later and that has resulted in more claims of justifiable homicide.

Sybrina Fulton said it makes no sense to allow, what she called, a "make-believe cop" to pursue someone and then claim self defense under the Stand Your Ground law.

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