Tree Crashes Into Home [SLIDE SHOW]

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By Garin Flowers:
June 25, 2013

For the second time in just six days, a tree comes tumbling down - this time, crashing into a Tallahassee man's house.

It happened off of Villas Court SE. The estimated 75-foot tree was completely uprooted and toppled onto the house.

The home's owner wasn't home, and no one was hurt.

Just last Wednesday, a tree fell onto a man's truck, while he was driving on Tram Road.

Luckily, the man was wearing his seat belt, and wasn't injured.

Both incidents are now raising concerns about tree safety.

Katya Kuersteiner lives near the area where the massive tree fell Monday, crashing into a man's home.

"In Tallahassee it happens more often than you can think," Kuersteiner said.

"Trees have a way of just falling a muck when they get old."

Trees are a treasure in Tallahassee, but everything that glitters isn't gold. Certified arborist Bruce Avery will tell you.

"There are so many tree-related issues that are misleading to those individuals, whether it be a property owner, home owner, manager, whatever it is, they've got to have an arborist involved to look at things."

Several arborists say trees in north Florida weaken easily, especially during rainy times of the year.

Avery adds that's why it's so important for home owners to get their trees checked.


A tree has fallen on someone's house.

They have turned off gas and electricity, as the house is deemed unsafe.

They are not allowing anyone inside as of right now.

WCTV has a reporter on the scene and will keep you updated.

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