Circle K Robber Tackled By Customers Will Spend 2 Years Behind Bars

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UPDATED 3.15.2013 by Julie Montanaro

A robber tackled by customers on the way out the door will spend two years behind bars.

Kegan Ornelas was sentenced to two years in jail for holding up the Circle K in Bradfordville last fall sept 2012.

Ornelas was accused of jumping the counter and holding the clerk up at knifepoint.

Three customers tackled him and hog tied him until deputies arrived.

Ornelas entered a no contest plea Thursday and was booked into jail to start serving his sentence.

UPDATED 9.27.2012 by Julie Montanaro

There is a videotape of three citizens tackling and hog-tying a robber at the Circle K in Bradfordville.

The men got a chance to see that surveillance videotape at the store this afternoon.

"Watching it go down was very intense," said Fabian Miller, one of the men who helped to tackle the robber. "Watching a guy jump a counter at a couple of women with a knife in his hand ... that didn't go well at all."

Miller says the video tape is detailed, clear and does have audio.

"It's very verbal," he said. "I ran in and I was just telling him to get on the ground, I was like roll the **** over, don't ****ing move or I will bash your head in."

The Leon County Sheriff's Office refuses to release the surveillance tape saying it is already in evidence.

The manager of the Circle K store would not release the video either and neither clerk on duty at the time of the robbery would comment.

"It wasn't right for him to come in there and rob a convenience store. With me, I'm struggling to make ends meet which ain't really happening right now, but I ain't robbing stores," Miller said.

Tallahassee, FL - September 27, 2012

A trio of local residents stopped a masked robber and hog tied him until authorities got there.

Leon County Sheriff's deputies say 16-year-old Kegan Ornelas walked into the Circle K on Thomasville Road wearing a bandana over his face just after 11:00 am on Wednesday, September 26, 2012.

Ornelas jumped over the counter, knife in hand, and demanded money from the store clerk.

Investigators say two witnesses - Kenneth Redding and Fabian Miller - met Ornelas at the door and subdued him. They say a third man, Richard Hartsfield, grabbed some rope out of his car.

The three men then tied the teenager up and waited for deputies to arrive.

LCSO says no one was hurt. Ornelas is charged with Robbery with a deadly weapon.

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