Troops Return Home

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May 31, 2014 Alicia Turner
May 31, 2014 5:17

All Cobrea Smith could say when she stepped off the bus was “I’m glad they’re here.” Emotions were high as friends and families waited for their loved ones to arrive home. Michelle Lopez is the wife of a deployed solider and she said she was beyond ecstatic.
“I guess basically it's finally over, and for the first time in nine months I can finally breath and the other half of my heart is finally back home." Lopez said. Troop 1230 deployed to Afghanistan nine months ago after three months of training, They were away from their families for twelve long months and Saturday was their first day back on US soil.
"Our soldiers do this for our country, and most of all it’s the support of the family that make these kids want to go. It provides them extra motivation to do this, especially when we see these families out here today, it makes it easy to get up and put on this uniform and deploy." Said Phillip Springfield, Sgt, Command for the Georgia National Guard Army. Family Readiness Group is an organization that helps ease the anxiety of having a loved one overseas. They consider themselves family because they’ve shares in an unforgettable experience. Lopez is the chair for this organization. "We're just there to make sure that the soldiers can focus on the mission at hand over seas while we help take care of their families." Lopez said.