Surprise Visit from Soldier, Better Known as 'Dad'

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Monticello, FL - Thousands of men and women will be away from their families this Veteran's Day as they serve our country overseas. This year though, a twins' wish to bring their father home, came true.

They were able to salute the veteran they know simply as, "dad."

The students at Jefferson Elementary school in Monticello wanted to make sure this Veteran's Day was special for local heroes. With rousing patriotic songs, the kids had every military tune covered.

But something was missing for four-year-olds Samie and Livie Clemons... Their dad. Matt Clemons is a specialist in the Army and has been splitting time between Kuwait and Texas since March, only seeing his twins via Skype.

"When was the last time you were with your Dad, not through a computer?"

"Umm...a long time ago. We, we answer him on the phone though!"

Says Matt Clemons, father, and US Army Specialist: "It's rough, missing out on a lot of the stuff when they're little. Whenever I call them on the phone or see them on Skype and [they] tell me what all they've been doing and I've not been able to be here and see a lot of it and experience it."

The technology interactions became so familiar to the kindergartners, that when it didn't happen Thursday...

"I got really sad because I didn't get to kiss daddy on the phone."

So, Clemons made sure he didn't miss a \very special chance to talk to his twins, today... As a surprise visitor at the school's Veteran's Day Assembly.

Other students and guests looked on as the Army Specialist and his 4 year old twins embraced. The Clemons family had reunited.

...Sometimes you just don't need the words.

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