Shots Fired During Perry Home Invasion

By Julie Montanaro
April 10, 2014

Two people are shot and stabbed by robbers in Perry.

It happened during a home invasion robbery.

The man and woman are critically hurt and two men are under arrest after an all-night manhunt.

It happened at a home on Glenn Street.

Perry Police say a pair of robbers broke in, stole some money, shot the man and woman who live here and then stabbed them on the way out the door.

"Perry is such a safe and really good family environment, and to have this happen right in our backyard is quite jarring," said Taylor County resident Laurel Correa.

19 year old Jordan White and 26 year old Aaron Price are now under arrest and accused of robbery and attempted murder.

The call came in around ten Wednesday night as two people with gunshot wounds showed up at the hospital.

White was found within hours but Price wasn't in handcuffs until 7:30 in the morning. He was found at a relatives house just a few blocks from the scene of the crime.

"Appears that based on the injuries that the victims received, that the intent was to make sure that they couldn't testify against these suspects," Perry Police Spokesman CAPT Jamie Cruse said.

The man and woman are both hospitalized with life-threatening injuries but police say they weren't the only ones home.

There was a six year old child there too.

"This young child unfortunately was a witness to some of the violent acts that occurred," Cruse said.

"And is the child okay?"

"Yes the child was not injured"

"The criminals should realize that involving the children and all and having them witness that affects them for the rest of their life," Correa said.

Perry Police are not releasing the names of the people who were shot. They say they were targeted and did know their attackers. But won't say any more than that.

News Release: Perry Police Department
April 10, 2014

PERRY, Fla. - The Perry Police Department arrested two people for Home Invasion Robbery after an overnight investigation.

The Perry Police Department began its investigation yesterday evening at around 10:00 pm after being summoned to the local Hospital because of two people arriving with gunshot injuries. It was quickly determined that the incident occurred within the City of Perry.

During the investigation two suspects were identified and sought in connection with this crime. The first suspect was arrested just before 1:30 am early this morning. The second suspect was located and arrested at approximately 7:30 am.

The investigation shows that the two suspects entered the victim’s residence forcibly; a robbery ensued inside the home where an undisclosed amount of money was taken. During the robbery a male and a female victim received gunshot injuries. Before the suspects fled the home the victims were also stabbed with a knife.

The victims are currently at area hospitals being treated for serious life threatening injuries.

The investigation is ongoing. If you have information that might help investigators, please contact the Perry Police Department at 850-584-5121.

Suspect Information:

Jordan White
19 Years Old
Perry Resident
Home Invasion Robbery
Attempted 1st Degree Murder

Aaron Price
26 Years Old
Perry resident
Home Invasion Robbery
Attempted 1st Degree Murder
Possession of a Firearm by A Felon

ARRESTED | Jordan White, 19

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