Candy Trail Leads Police To Burglary Suspects

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Press Release: Madison County Sheriff's Office

Madison County Sheriff Ben Stewart reports that on the early morning hours (12:36 AM) of Friday the 28th day of June 2013, Deputy Anderson was dispatched to a burglary alarm at the Pinetta Market. Upon arrival, Deputy Anderson immediately noticed the front glass door was shattered. Corporal Anderson made contact with the owner of the store and learned that several cases of candy, beer and possibly lottery tickets were taken from the store. Corporal Anderson deployed Canine Max to track the potential suspects from the store.

Canine Max successfully tracked the suspects over several fences and Corporal Anderson noted candy on the ground at each fence to match the candy that was taken from the store. Corporal Anderson eventually came to fence that was not possible for Canine Max to get over and he returned to the store to view the Video with the owner.
The video confirmed that two first shattered the glass door and one ran in and took two 18 packs of beer while the other staged himself as “Look Out”. The suspects each fled the scene with each carrying a case of beer. The store alarm malfunctioned and did not alert and the suspects later returned a second time, entered the store and took a case of butterfingers, case of m&m’s, and attempted to take lottery tickets. The Alarm alerted during the second entrance and the suspects fled on foot carrying the cases of candy.

Corporal Odom arrived on scene to assist Corporal Anderson as they returned to the area Canine Max had tracked. Canine Max again continued tracking the suspects to a residence. Contact was made with the owner of the residence which immediately advised the suspects being sought were inside her house. Corporal Odom requested for the suspects to come outside the residence and immediately recognized the physical characteristics and clothing to match that as seen on the video surveillance. The suspects were identified as Joseph Korey and Taylor Pleasant. Both subjects were placed under arrest and post Miranda confessed to the crime and some of the stolen candy was recovered.
The subjects were arrested and charged with the following:
Joseph Korey, W/M, DOB: 10/30/1995 of Madison Florida
Burglary (2 counts), Theft (2 counts), Criminal Mischief and Under Age Possession of Alcohol

Taylor Pleasant, W/M, DOB: 05/17/1994 of Madison Florida
Burglary (1 count), Accessory to burglary (1count), Theft, Possession Stolen Property and Under Age Possession of Alcohol.

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