Two Major Agenda Items Being Presented To Valdosta City Council

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Winnie Wright
July 24, 2014

Valdosta, GA - Should the Valdosta City Council approve a grant agreement with the Federal Aviation Authority for new emergency generators at Valdosta Regional Airport? That’s just one of the questions being raised at Thursday’s meeting.

“If something happened to the runway lighting system, or something like that, that emergency generator would kick in and there would be no loss of lights out there in case a plane was landing or something", says Mayor John Gayle.

Gayle says the FAA allows local City Councils to decide whether or not to approve of the grants.. because they are partially responsible, in this case, the City would pay 7%, or roughly $35,000. Gayle also says it is worth the investment.

“It’s important that we keep that airport up and keep it as one of the major airports in the state, that does not have dual service. One of these days, we are hoping to attract that dual service", says Gayle.

Something else the City wants to attract, more businesses to Downtown Valdosta. At Thursday’s meeting, council will also vote on whether or not to ease noise ordinances Downtown.

Gayle says the Police Department has had a hard time enforcing noise complaints because the old ordinance wasn’t very clear. He says the new ordinance will extend the distance that noise can travel Downtown.

Gayle also says, though some residents have had complaints, he hopes the new ordinance will be fair to both residents and guests of downtown Valdosta.