Two Arrested For Rx Pain Pills Forgery

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By: Kara Duffy
October 14, 2013

Moultrie, GA - Two men were arrested after investigators say they tried to fill forged prescriptions of pain pills at the CVS Pharmacy along South Main Street in Moultrie.

"We arrested one who came into the store to get a prescription of hydrocodone, and one who came through the drive through at the same time," said Lt. Steve Exum, the Commander of the Moultrie-Colquitt County Drug Enforcement Team.

Agents say they received a call from state investigators, after a doctor in Atlanta came to them, warning about possible prescription forgery attempts under his name.

"We made contact with CVS and discovered that this doctor had problems in the past with somebody stealing his information and they had actually called one in that day," Lt. Exum said.

Eldriquez Silas, 32, and Teforest Williams, 19, were both arrested and face several charges including criminal attempt to possess a controlled substance and forgery.

"A lot of people are switching to pills and buying them on the street, so we believe they were going to be distributed probably around 10 dollars a piece," Lt. Exum added.

Investigators are now looking into the possibility of other forgery cases in Moultrie and surrounding counties.

"We're going to continue to investigate this and monitor video and interview pharmacies and see if we can make any more arrests on this case."

Both men were taken to the Colquitt County jail and have since been released on bond.

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