Two New Early Voting Locations Added For Leon County

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Florida primary election day is now three weeks away.

Absentee balloting is already underway.

And early voting in Leon County begins a week from Saturday.

Ion Sancho was at Cumulus Radio in Tallahassee recording a public service announcment about voting.

The Leon County Elections Supervisor and his staff have already received hundreds of absentee ballots from voters.

Eight straight days of early voting will begin on Saturday August 16th.

"We've actually increased the number of early voting sites from 5 to 7," Sancho said. "We've added a site in the northwest and a site down in the Bond community itself," he said.

Two Leon County races will be decided by primary voters.

Tallahassee Commissioner Nancy Miller is being challenged by newspaper publisher Steve Stewart.

The primary winner will get the seat.

The only contested race for the Leon County School Board features current board chair Forrest Van Camp against Deerlake Middle School Teacher Alva Striplin.

Other races could also be decided in the primary including the Tallahassee mayor's race.

Andrew Gillum, Larry Hendricks and Zach Richardson are on the ballot.

If one of those candidates gets more than half the vote, that candidate will be Tallahassee's next mayor.

"If you just wait to vote in November, you're not only going to to miss the mayor's race or city commission race, you're going to miss school board district one's race," said Sancho.

If you want a ballot mailed to your home or information about early voting polling places and hours or the polling place in your precinct call 606-VOTE.

Tallahassee residents will have a chance to vote to require an independent ethics officer in November.

A grassroots group has gathered enough signatures for the November ballot.

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