Total Of Six West Nile Cases Found In Valdosta Area

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By Greg Gullberg
July 22, 2013

Valdosta, GA - The recent rain may have led to two new cases of the West Nile virus being reported Monday in the Valdosta area. There have been a total of six positive cases in Lowdes County this year.

Valdosta Public Works employees are out spraying down the city in full force. Still, the only human case in Georgia was reported in Brantley County two weeks ago.

"We do spray where the areas are that are the most populated with mosquitoes. And we know where they are because we have traps in different parts of the area of the city which as those mosquito traps show more mosquitoes they are able to spray in those areas," said Sementha Mathews with the City Of Valdosta.

But the city can only spray on public property and that only counts for about 3% of the total land area. So it comes down to the citizens to protect themselves. Health officials advise using a spray with Deet.

Citizens are also asked to remove any stagnant water from their properties. They can try using Larvicide tablets as well to help keep them from spreading. They're available at many Public Works Departments.

"You don't take them out of the packets. You just throw them in whole and it dissolves on its own," said Yasmin Fudge, an employee of the Valdosta Public Works Department.

Peak season for the West Nile virus is from about mid-August to mid-September.

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