Two Teens Robbed at Gunpoint in Local Neighborhood Park

By: Lanetra Bennett
July 3, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - Two men are arrested after robbing two teenagers at gunpoint.

Tallahassee Police say the armed robbery happened in a neighborhood park in the middle of the day.

"This is not a simple robbery. Somebody pulled out a long rifle or a long gun." Says, Tallahassee resident David Kelly.

Kelly says that gun was used to rob two teenagers at the park in the Summerbrooke neighborhood in Tallahassee.

His 12-year-old son was outside playing in the yard when it happened around 3:00 on June 10th. When his son saw two men get out of a blue four-door car holding guns, he ran in the house.

"My son came running in there saying, dad, dad, somebody's getting robbed."

Kelly says, I looked through the window, saw that the car that he described as the suspect had left. I walked outside and saw it was one vehicle still here. I went outside to try to see if they needed help, see if they're okay and they drove off."

The victims told police that they were sitting at the picnic table eating lunch when one of the suspects approached them with a rifle saying, "This is not a joke. Empty your wallets and your pockets." Both victims placed their keys, wallets, and cash on the table."

Eighteen-year-olds Michael Jones and Brandon Taylor were arrested this week.

They are charged with armed robbery.

"It was definitely a terrifying event. For my son to have to witness that in broad daylight, was upsetting." Says, Kelly.

Kelly says he's seen teenagers in the park at night on several occassions. He says he's asked the homeowners' association and law enforcement to crack down on the teens' loitering. He says the armed robbery has taken things to another level.

WCTV spoke to one of the teenage victims off camera. He says that neither he nor his friend were hurt during the robbery and that they're both doing fine.

Kelly says his 12-year-old son is handling what he witnessed pretty well.

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