Thomasville Pharmacist Arrested For Drug Trafficking Now Facing More Charges

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By: Matt Galka

A Thomasville pharmacist arrested for drug trafficking is now facing more charges.

The new charges stem from a fatal accident the man was involved in at the end of May.

Cox was arrested Tuesday for drug trafficking, and today the Georgia State Patrol charged him for his role in a fatal accident on Cairo Road two weeks ago.

Jeffery Cox is the owner of Murphy Drugs and was busted on Tuesday for illegally selling painkillers. Georgia State Patrol says that Cox was also behind the wheel of a pickup truck on May 29th that hit another truck being driven by James Williams.

Williams was killed in the crash and his two passengers were also injured. Georgia State patrol charged cox with first degree vehicular homicide, texting while driving, failure to maintain lane and driving on a suspended license.

Murphy drugs was open today but the employees inside the store didn't want to comment on the recent charges.

By: Bailey Myers
Thomasville, GA: Two Thomasville pharmacists are now under arrest for drug trafficking.

The pharmacy where they worked has been shut down. One anonymous customer explains, "This one right here has been the main one. Everybody is using it. My family has used it since the last twenty years or so. And we didn't even know this was happening."

Closed doors greet customers because the owner and Pharmacist Jeffery Fred Cox and Pharmacist Karen Marie Dunlap are in jail charged with Drug Trafficking.

It all started with a tip, and after they started questioning employees, things began to look suspicious.

Vice Commander for Thomasville of the Thomas County Narcotics Division, Kevin Lee said, "So we got surveillance on the Pharmacy. We saw him and a female going in and out of the pharmacy and it appeared they were placing items inside the back of that vehicle."
And when the two left the pharmacy, officers pulled them over and searched the car, finding vials containing Oxycontin.

Cox was arrested and charged for illegal possession and obtaining drugs illegally. The next day his Pharmacy was searched.

Lee explained, "The Drug Enforcement administration did an audit and they seized um stuff they know what they are looking at that I don't and they seize that kind of stuff and they can go through it will show them what was going on inside the pharmacy."

Both Cox and Dunlap were charged Thursday with trafficking hydrocodone, and now customers hoping to fill their prescriptions have to go somewhere else.

Customers like this one, who cant pick up his mothers prescription emphasized his frustration, "she needs to know where our medicine is going to be and We don't know what we are going to do about that."

We are also told authorities plan on making more arrests as the investigation unfolds.

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