Two Vans Stuck in Wakulla Waters [SLIDE SHOW]

By: Lanetra Bennett
February 26, 2013

Crawfordville, FL - Flooding caused problems for a some drivers in Crawfordville.

Eyewitness News was there and rolling when one man got stuck trying to drive his mini van along a swamped dirt road.

The driver followed behind a tractor. But, his mini van didn't make it.

The van got stuck right in the middle of the floodwaters on Summerwind Circle in Crawfordville.

Crawfordville resident Paula McCord says, "I've never seen it like this. i moved back here I believe in '91 or '92. I have never seen it where it was impassible. I have always been able to get out."

The mini van was able to get out pretty quickly. Neighbors pulled the van out, and it was able to drive away on the other side edge of the flood.

Residents say the deepest point on the flooded Summerwind Circle was about two or three feet.

"We've had over 12 inches of rain, measurable rain in ur yard alone in the last 48 hours." Says, McCord.

Those in the area also say they thought they heard a tornado Tuesday morning.

Candice Allen says she's been through 15 to 20 tornados in her 20 years of living on Shadeville Road in Crawfordville.

She describes what she heard Tuesday morning. "At about 5:20, I was hearing the wind. It was blowing and it was doing like a whistling sound and just like a turning whistling. So I started praying. I pray to God all of the time for safety."

Crawfordville Resident Ms. Holly says, "It was really, really loud and then it got real quiet. Then the next thing it started like a train. Then that went away. We lost power."

Summerwind Circle residents say they've been asking local officials to pave the road for years. They say they hope Tuesday's flood will help make their case.

A mini van tried to drive through the water on Summerwind Circle North near Old Woodville Road. The van got stuck.

A van is stuck on Griffin Road off of Shadeville Road in Crawfordville. No one is inside, the van may have been at the location since yesterday.

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