[UPDATE] Accident Leaves Vehicle in Pieces, Investigation Ongoing

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[UPDATE] 8-10 11:45pm -

Tallahassee Police Department investigators are "still working on their investigation" according to Officer Northway with TPD. There haven't been any charges filed in the crash yet, nor would TPD say if there will be any charges.

TPD is expected to release a statement this afternoon with an update on the conditions of everyone involved.


UPDATE: 8-8 at: 5:40 by Deneige Broom

Monday, the lines investigators drew across the northbound lane of Thomasville Road, Wednesday night, could still be seen.

They run right into Emily Powell's driveway where she stood watching emergency crews sifting through the debris of a car crash that split a Honda in half.

Almost a week later Powell found out the name of the 10-year-old boy who landed in her driveway.

T'Moi Dewindt was in the backseat when witnesses say his dad, 34-year-old Tiant Dewindt, was driving fast heading south on Thomasville Road Wednesday night.

Police reports say, that's when Dewindt crossed over the median and hit 35-year-old Jessica McCauley who was driving north.

The Dewindts' car was left in two pieces and 10-year-old T'Moi was thrown out of it.

"He was screaming his little head off and he was in such agony. If he was thrown from that car and hit that pavement, that was really critical," said Powell.

Investigators say a bottle of scotch was found at the scene and they believe it could have been an alcohol related crash.

Tiant Dewindt's blood alcohol level was tested, but we do not have those results yet.

Seven-year-old Tenan Dewindt and 14-year-old Tiron Dewindt Jr. were also in the car.

The police report shows, Tiron Dewindt was the only one in that car wearing a seat belt.

Jessica McCauley was wearing a seat belt according to the report.

As of Monday evening, Tiant Dewindt is still at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. TMH wouldn't say if T'Moi or the two other boys in the car are still there as well.

We are also unsure as of Monday evening, about the condition of Jessica McCauley.

The accident report is attached
UPDATE 8-8-2011 5:25pm

TPD accident report has been attached.


UPDATED 8.4.2011 by Julie Montanaro

We still do not have the names of those involved in that crash on Thomasville Road or know the severity of their injuries.

Tallahassee Police are still investigating the crash and have not released any names.

One car was literally cut in half in the crash. The back half landed in Emily Powell's driveway.

She says she hurriedly grabbed her robe and headed outside and saw a boy trapped in the back seat and another boy, perhaps four or five, thrown on the pavement.

He was streaming for help.

"He was screaming his head off and there was some blood was in the back of his head and I can't get it off my mind today. It's just such a terrible... I'd never witnessed anything with children before like that," Powell said.

Powell says she didn't sleep at all last night because she was worried about the boys and their family.
[UPDATE] 8-4 Noon -

Those involved in the Thomasville Road crash last night are still in the hospital, according to Derek Friend with the Tallahassee Police Department.

At this time, TPD is not releasing any names or conditions of those involved in the accident.

At this time all injured in the crash remain at TMH and are receiving medical treatment. TPD does not have information on the individual status of each person.

A TPD Traffic Unit investigator is following up to determine the cause of the crash.

Officer Friend also said that there were no fatalities.


[UPDATE] 8-4 7am -

Thomasville Road is open this morning.


UPDATE 12:37 p.m. BY TPD Spokesperson Derek Friend

Location Update: The crash occurred on Thomasville Rd just north of Woodbine.

All involved are still being treated at TMH. There will be no additional updates until tomorrow during regular business hours.

The traffic pattern remains as advised in the previous message. Everything will be cleared up prior to the morning traffic rush. There will be no additional updates regarding the traffic status.

10:37 p.m. UPDATE BY TPD Spokesperson Derek Friend

Northbound Thomasville Rd will be closed for several hours. Southbound Thomasville Rd has been reduced to one lane, and will likely remain so for several hours.

The driver and three occupants of the Southbound vehicle were transported to TMH via EMS. The driver of the Northbound SUV, who was the sole occupant of the vehicle, was also transported to TMH.

The condition and nature of injuries of all parties is not currently available.


9:16 p.m.

Our reporter on scene says the crash involved a burgundy car and a silver SUV.

She says the car appears to have suffered the most damage and actually looks to have been split in half by the crash.

She says the northbound lane is closed at Killarney Way and that TPD, LCSO, TFD and EMTs are all on scene.

Just moments ago she saw K-9 officers arrive on scene. They along with their handlers and other authorities appear to be searching the nearby woods. (TPD was searching for anyone else who may have been involved in the crash. Further investigations show only those in the car were involved.)


9:10 p.m.

TPD Working Serious Traffic Crash
by TPD Spokesperson Derek Friend

TPD has responded to a traffic crash with injuries at Thomasville Rd and Killarney Way. Initial information is southbound vehicle struck a northbound vehicle. Thomasville Rd is closed at Killarney Way.

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