[UPDATE] Theo Conoly Bond Hearing

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Updated 11-22-2010 6:00 p.m.

A bond hearing was scheduled for Sunday Blombergh's estranged husband- Theo Conoly in Tifton Monday morning. 11-22

Judge Melanie Cross told the courtroom that 'motion for bond' was withdrawn by counsel.

Conoly was arrested in Pinellas County, Florida in July and charged with conspiracy to commit murder in Blombergh's death. Blombergh went missing in late April and her body was discovered on May 27th in Lenox, Georgia.

Blombergh's in laws are also charged with her murder. Officials say the case will go to trial early next year.


Updated 7-9-2010 2:45pm 7-9 by Heather Biance:

According to court records, Theo Conoly appeared in a Leon County courtroom on Wednesday July 7th for an unrelated aggravated battery incident that occurred back in May.

Conoly plead no contest to the Aggravated Battery with a deadly weapon charge and received 3 years probation and 30 days in a work camp.

Updated 2:30pm 7-9 by Heather Biance:

Sunday Blombergh's father Reign Blombergh has confirmed that Sunday's estranged husband, Theo Conoly, has been arrested in St. Petersberg and charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

Mr. Blombergh says Conoly will be extradited to Tallahassee and then to Georgia.

An update to the others that have already been charged in Sunday's death:

Roy Herman Evans is now being charged with malicious murder, felony murder, assault and battery with a deadly weapon and conspiracy to conceal a death.

His wife Ruby Evans is being charged with malicious murder, felony murder, assault and battery and conspiracy to commit murder.

Kenneth Tomlinson is still facing a charge of conspiracy to conceal a death.

Mr. Blombergh said the felony charges against Ruby and Roy Herman Evans changes everything because now the only two options they have is either the death penalty or life in prison without the possibility of parole.
Updated Saturday at 3:41 PM By: La'Tasha Givens

Blombergh lived in Tifton, Georgia with her seven year old daughter and in-laws.

Before her death, we are told, Blombergh was set to move back to Tallahassee and was taking her daughter with her.

Authorities believe having their granddaughter stripped away may have been too much for the Evans' to handle. Authorities say, that may have been why they killed her.

Tift County Sheriff Gary Vowell says, "Basically Ruby wanted the child, plan and simple"

How Blombergh died has not been determined, but investigators are pursuing the theory that she may have been shot on a couch in the living room.

Neighbors showed us the back of the house where they say they saw Roy Evans burning a couch, days after the investigation heated up.

Updated 6:10pm on 5-28-10 by Heather Biance

A facebook page that was abruptly taken down Thursday gives us a glimpse into the life of Roy Herman Evans, in the days leading up to his arrest.

Roy Evans, who goes by Herman posted a status update to his facebook page soon after the Georgia Bureau of Investigations woke him up at 4am, confiscated his laptop and swept his semi for any evidence.

He went on to comment about keeping his cool, asking for prayers for his family's name to be cleared and that Sunday would be found.

As we now know, Sunday Blombergh was found, but not alive.

16 comments, some of those profane were posted from some of his Facebook "Friends"

One saying "I hope when you go to sleep every night, you see her beautiful face and realize what a real family was."

Others call him a murderer.

The video attached to this story was captured Thursday evening, less than an hour before his Facebook page was removed from the website and nearly 14 hours before law enforcement confirmed that Roy Herman Evans was one of those being charged with the murder of Sunday Blombergh.

Coincidence or not, when we looked into Herman's facebook page, he had a status update for every single day, the only day he didn't have one, the day Sunday went missing, back on April 22nd.

There are still many pieces to this puzzle that have yet to be put in place.

Additional Facts: Sunday Blombergh was still legally married to Theo Conoly -- although her facebook page says she was in a relationship with a man from Texas.

Theo Conoly, is the son of Ruby Evans and the step-son of Roy Herman Evans.
UPDATED 5:30p.m. 5/28/2010

"It's just shocking. It's just kinda unreal. I feel like she was reaching out for some help. And, a lot of people turned their backs on her. I think I did too."

The discovery of Sunday Blombergh's body has left many saddened, surprised and full of questions.

Rita Block, a close by neighbor says, "It's shocking. I couldn't even sleep last night, just thinking about the poor girl just laying there. and her little girl. She's a mama. It's a baby's mama."

Sunday's sister, Sunshine, who only wished to comment though a family spokes person, sat through the press conference fighting back tears.

Balinda Griffin worked with Sunday at this Little Pantry in Tifton. "She was real bubbly. You know. She always had something good to say. She was, She was a really sweet person."

Neighbors of Sunday's in-laws, Roy and Ruby Evan, say they were surprised but the have witnessed first hand Roy's Aggressive behavior.
Melissa Weeks who lives two houses down said, "He came down here one night and wound up in a fight out here. And after that he kept coming down and beating on my door. Front door back door. My neighbor over here seen him around my building.

Melissa's son, Billy Weeks said, "It's sad this whole situation because you hear about this stuff happening everyday in the world. One day it ends up around you and it's all real then ya know?

Funeral arrangements for Sunday Blombergh have not yet been finalized. Family members are trying to decide if they will be held in Tallahassee or somewhere else.

We'll let you know when we learn the details.

Updated 2:13 pm 5-28 (Friday) by LaTasha Givens:

The arraignment is now over.

Ruby and Roy Herman Evans went before a judge this afternoon for their first court appearance.

The Evans' said they both understood their rights and requested an attorney.

The case will now be transferred to superior court.

Kenneth Tomlinson's appearance begins at 3 pm later today.

To see photos of the Evans' and Tomlinson, click on the camera icon at the top of the story.
Updated 12:18pm 5-28 by LaTasha Givens and Amy Long:

Georgia officials say three people have been arrested in connection with the murder of 28-year-old Sunday Blombergh.

Blombergh's mother in law, 45-year-old Ruby Evans and her stepfather in law, 44-year-old Roy Herman Evans are charged with her murder.

The third person arrested was 48-year-old Kenneth Tomlinson, a family friend. Tomlinson was charged with concealing the body. Investigators say he led them to her body in the wooded area.

Police have other suspects who they believe could have been involved. They anticipate adding additional charges to those people in the future.

The three people arrested are at the Tift County Jail and are being held without bond.

They will have their first appearance in court Friday at 2pm

Blombergh's sister Sunshine showed up with her husband and they were tearful throughout the press conference this morning.

A family spokesperson said that the whole family thinks its very unfortunate and tragic.

WCTV tried to get a quote from Sunshine, but she did not want to comment at this time.

We will bring you more information as soon as it becomes available.
Updated at 12:01 p.m. by Heather Biance

As we slowly learn more about what happened, the question into who Sunday was is coming to the forefront.

WCTV spoke with a longtime friend of Sunday early Friday morning on the phone.

The friend, Martha, says she's known Sunday since they were friends in High School at SAIL in Tallahassee.

She described the 28-year-old's exuberant and fun personality and how she would light up the room whenever she walked in.

When the news was revealed that Sunday was missing, her friend says she immediately knew something was wrong.

Several national affiliates have picked up the story, helping get the word out to a larger audience and hoping that it would end with a happy note.

We've since learned that, that won't be the case in this tragic story.

She says Sunday would never abandon her 7-year-old daughter.

Here is a timeline in the Sunday Blombergh case, so far:
-- On April 22nd, Sunday went missing from a home off Briarwood Lane in Tifton, Georgia; the same day she planned on moving to Tallahassee.

-- On April 28th, a family member posts the first comment on a facebook page dedicated to the search for Sunday, asking for volunteers for a search for the missing woman on April 29th.

-- On May 17th Sunday's estranged husband, Theo Conoly, was booked at the Leon County Jail and charged with 2 counts of domestic violence and aggravated battery with deadly weapon. One count of kidnapping and one count of obstruction of justice for threatening a witness. He is still behind bars.

-- On May 27th The Colquitt County Coroner removed a body from a wooded area, roughly 200 yards off Vickers Bridge Road in Lenox, Georgia. Sunday's father confirmed to us that it was in fact her body.

Updated 9:26 5-27-10 by Heather Biance

There are still several pieces of this story that have yet to be told, and we are slowly uncovering exactly what happened in this case.

A website dedicated to the search for Sunday Blombergh reports that Sunday's body was found earlier Thursday afternoon outside of Tifton, Georgia.

The 28-year-old went missing from this home off Briarwood Lane in Tifton, Georgia on April 22nd.

The video attached to this story is from inside that home, after investigators collected samples from the carpet, the walls and the ceiling where blood was detected.

A Colquitt County Coroner has confirmed that he removed a body from a wooded area, roughly 200 yards off Vickers Bridge Road in Lenox, Georgia earlier Thursday.

That body has been turned over to the Tift County Coroners office who will handle the autopsy.

"I heard that she was shot in the house and that could be why there is blood splattered on the roof and the wall, I don't know," says the Landlord Linda Rutland.

Georgia Bureau of Investigations is handling the case and there will be a press conference at the Tift County Sheriff's Office tomorrow morning at 11am where more details are expected to be released regarding the investigation into Sunday Blombergh's disappearance.

We'll have a live report from the press conference in Tift County Friday at noon and continued coverage throughout all of our broadcasts and on wctv.tv.


Updated 8:15pm 5-27

WCTV has spoken to the Colquitt County Coroner.

According to him said Sunday Blombergh's body was found roughly 200 yards into the woods off of Vickers Bridge Road in Lenox, Georgia.

He says her body was turned over to the Tift County Coroner Officer.

GBI is handling the investigation.

The identity of the body has not been confirmed as Sunday, just yet.


The Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the Tift County Sheriff's Office expect to make a press release regarding the investigation of the disappearance of Sunday Blombergh in the near future.


Updated 5-27 4:10

WCTV has confirmed that the body of Sunday Blombergh has been found.

The father of a missing woman says her body has been found.

28-year-old Sunday Blombergh went missing from her Tifton home on Briarwood Lane.
Authorities say she was last seen April 22nd- the same day she planned on moving to Tallahassee with a friend.

Her father tells Eyewitness News that he is on the way to the scene of where her body was found.

We have a crew working on the story and will bring you more details as they become available.

It's been more than one month since a 28-year-old mother disappeared.

Sunday Blombergh went missing from her Tifton home on Briarwood Lane. Authorities say she was last seen April 22nd- the same day she planned on moving to Tallahassee with a friend.

Family members and friends say no one has seen or heard from her which is unusual.

The family created a group on facebook called "Missing Person-Sunday Blombergh" to help spread the word about her disappearance.

If you have any information contact the Tift County Sheriff's Office at(229) 388-6021.

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