U.S. Athlete, The First To Cross The Country Solo Twice in One year, Reaches Tallahassee

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Tallahassee, FL- January 19, 2013

Last year Chris Nicholas became the 30th person to ever run solo across the United States when he ran 3,000 miles from The White House in Washington DC to Santa Monica, California in 88 days. He will now become the 1st person in history to cross the country twice within 12 months as less than four months later he began an attempt to become the first person in history to cross the United States solo twice within 12 consecutive months.

This time, by following an east coast, southern border, and west coast trek covering three sides of the United States and over 6,000 miles; twice the distance of his first journey. Today, he arrives cycling into Tallahassee, Florida, a little over 2,722 miles since the start of this second journey.

Nicholas began his cross country adventure on October 14th in Portland, Maine and reached Key West, Florida on January 1st where he married his fiancée, Alexis Kane, who he had been away from for the last two and half months.

Two days later he continued his journey now going north towards Tallahassee then westerly towards San Diego, California to cover 3,700 miles before reaching the west coast. His bride returned to Michigan (their home state), to once again be reunited with him 4 months from now.

Nicholas reached Perry, Florida, 87 days after he began cycling from Portland, Maine on his quest to reach Portland, Oregon. Today he continues on in Tallahassee where he will be staying at the Comfort Suites (1026 Apalachee Parkway) and share his experience of meeting locals here and with his 40,000 Facebook and twitter followers online. Chris will then continue his journey towards Pensacola.

“We have been honored to host Chris Nicholas as he cycles through Tallahassee and across the United States. He is doing all of this for a great cause that we are pleased to support. All of the funds he raises will go to the Wounded Warriors, Make a Wish Foundation and St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. We are pleased to be a part of Mr. Nicholas' endeavor and wish him the best of luck,” says Paresh Master, Owner of the Comfort Suites.

Nicholas, who is an ultra distance athlete is self-supported, budgeting his own expenses so that 100% of all in-person and online donations go to three charities. His goal is to raise $25,000 dollars for the Wounded Warrior Project, Make A Wish Foundation, and St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

Nicholas has appeared on national and local media throughout the country to raise awareness for these three charities in addition to the dollars donated. He also talks with students at local schools, running and cycling groups, and organizations in cities that he reaches.

“I continue to meet incredible people in the local cities that I reach, seen amazing things and even experienced downtime in New York City during the recent hurricane,” Nicholas says. “Part of what makes this so rewarding is the chance to share my experiences, whether it’s speaking to kids at a local school or just chatting with someone who stops me along the way and is curious about what I’m doing.

Appearing on local media helps to spread the awareness, especially when people say that they have seen me on TV, heard me on the local radio station or read about my experience in the newspaper it helps to bring awareness to the three charities,” Nicholas continued.

When he ran across the country, Nicholas averaged 30 to 35 miles per day over an eight-to ten-hour period, now he is covering between 50 and 100 miles a day, ensuring he can still share his experience with students and groups along the way. In addition to raising funds the three charities, Nicholas is using this cycling journey as a way for people to share their personal stories.

People can go to his web site, www.CrossingTheUS.com, and request that Nicholas cycle in honor of someone they have lost or they care about in their lives.

“I was told today about an initiate that the city of Tallahassee has taken to make the area more cyclist friendly and I can see that as I cycle through the cities. It is such an warm inviting city and the residents that I have had a chance to meet have been great to talk to,” Nicholas added.

Interviews from the road via phone and Skype will also be available during Nicholas’ journey. For more information on his current journey and course, as well as to review media stories from his first and second journey, along with photos, go to www.CrossingTheUS.com.

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