U.S. Senatos Isakson And Chambliss Visit Valdosta

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"When I look at our federal government, we are trampling on the Constitution of the United States. I believe our founding fathers would be rolling over in their graves," said Air Force veteran Peter Supp.

U.S. Senators Johnny Isakson and Saxby Chambliss got an earful from residents in Valdosta, Friday. The two were in town answering questions, including what could happen at Moody Air Force Base.

"Well I came down this morning along with Senator Chambliss and Austin Scott whose a member of Congress to meet with the Secretary of Moody Air Force at the air force base to discuss the proposal to end the A-10 program which would be disastrous for Moody and obviously for Valdosta," said Senator Isakson.

Senator Chambliss says along with the issue of phasing out the A-10 aircraft, they have been working on the budget issue when it comes to health care.

"Just to take the pentagon and use it to achieve savings and not achieve savings and make real reforms on the health care side, is not right and its incumbent upon us to do the right thing from a fiscal perspective," said Senator Chambliss.

While Supp says he believes Congress could do more, he is happy with today's outcome.

"I did get a satisfactory answer from our senators that they are using the legal system to challenge individually a lot of these decisions in the courts," said Supp.

The senators both encourage residents to make their voices heard and contact them with any concerns in the future.