University of Georgia President Takes Agricultural Tour

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By: Emily Johnson
September 3, 2014

Brooks County, GA - It's quickly becoming an annual tradition for the University of Georgia's President, Dr. Jere Morehead. On Wednesday he took an agricultural tour of south west Georgia. His first stop was the Brooks County Dairy.

"I learn so much about how UGA interacts with the people of Georgia on this tour. Last year I came away from it with a totally different appreciation," said Dr. Morehead.

According to UGA Extension, Georgia Agriculture represents a $65 Billion dollar industry and creates thousands of jobs. Commissioner of Agriculture Gary Black said the Ag industry is looking on the bright side this year.

"Hopefully get through this crop season and match some price with some of these commodities and hopefully eek out a profit," said Commissioner Black.

Brooks County Dairy is the second largest dairy in the state and has more than 60 employees. Managing partner, Calvin Moody said he appreciates the UGA President and Commissioner of Agriculture visiting a rural county like Brooks.

"To see the needs and see how extension and what kind of impact it has on our businesses. We're very much appreciative for them taking the time and reaching their hand out to see what they can do for us," said Moody.

Another stop on the tour in Brooks County was the Langboard OSB Plant.

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