Urban Farmers Asked to Leave

By Charlene Cristobal
May 16, 2014

An area urban farm has been asked to close up shop after planting roots in the community almost two years ago.

The corner of 6th Street will soon have something else planted there. Ten Speed Greens is being told they've got to close their doors. Business owners Claire Mitchell and Danielle Krasniqi have been squatting on the plot and don't own the land. Though they have been providing the landlord with weekly fresh produce and mowing the lawn, they still want them out to make room for housing.

Danielle says, "For me, it's disappointing because we've done so much, here and we've been so successful at it. So, it's really disheartening."

Both of them agree, the small corner has come a long way.

"When we first came here, there was someone squatting in this abandoned house behind us. Our neighbor across the street was having to call the cops every week, to get the people out of the property. What we have done here is, not only created jobs for ourselves but we have trained other people as well," says Claire.

Even though they have to close, Claire and Danielle say this isn't the end of their urban farm dreams.

Claire says,"We have a lot of ideas...we dream big and this has paid off with our dreams. We didn't know that these little seeds of idea that we had would grow into something so successful."

We have reached out to the landlord of the property to learn what type of housing is expected to go up on the land and are waiting to hear back.

Ten Speed Green will be having their last event before they close their doors on June 1st.

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