Urban Farms Holds Farewell Dinner

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By: Chris Gros
June 01, 2014

Tallahassee, FL - The urban farm Ten-Speed Greens on West 6th Ave. will close up shop for good.
But before the farmers leave they held one last Summer Jam Dinner. The dinner served as a farewell party. Guests were treated to a four course meal with ingredients from Ten-Speed and other local farms.

Ten-Speed Greens is leaving Tallahassee due to a land dispute. The farm on West 6th Ave. does not belong to Claire Mitchell or Danielle Krasniqi. The two squatted on the land for more than two years.

But Mitchell feels that urban farming stills serves a purpose in Tallahassee.

"People are seeking a connection with their food and um it's just something that's happened you know since really the 50's when food became more and more processed. So what we're looking to do is bring that connection back and a really great way to do that is through urban farming," said Mitchell.

Ten-Speed Greens plans to continue urban farming in a new location in the near future.