VLPRA To Begin Building Title Town Elite At An Even Younger Age

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Winnie Wright
June 12, 2014

Valdosta, GA - Starting this fall, kids will get a head start at making a name for themselves in "Title Town, U.S.A."

The VLPRA is offering a new king of football league in Valdosta. Here's how it works: a child zoned for Valdosta Middle School will play for the Valdosta Middle School district. Same with students zoned for middle schools in the county.Their kindergarten teams will be the same kids they play football with all the way through high school, and they will get special coaching from their future high school coaches.

"This community loves football, and we are growing the next generation of football players, right here, at VLPRA. And the great thing about it is, that they'll be able to play within their community, with all the kids they will go to school with, for the next five to six years", says George Page, Executive Director at VLPRA.

The registration deadline will be at Evaluation Day on June 21st. All kids aged kindergarten through 5th grade are welcome. For more information, visit the VLPRA website Click Here or call 229-259-3507.

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