VSU Launches Institutional Identity Study

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Winnie Anne Wright
February 20, 2014

Valdosta, GA - When you think of a college or university, you typically don't think of it as being a brand. Valdosta State University is changing that perception as they kick off their instituional identity study.

"In today's competitive environment in institutions of higher education, we all need a brand. We all need to be able to say succinctly, this is what sets us apart. This is the value we bring to our students. And we think we do it better than anybody else. And so that's what we're trying to do here", says Mary Gooding, Director of Marketing and Community Relations at VSU.

VSU has hired Atlanta based, TG Madison, to conduct the research, beginning with focus groups.

The information from this study will help VSU to understand what it's doing wrong, what it's doing right, and how the public views the University.

"We use focus groups, online surveys, and telephone surveys to talk to high school seniors that are in the school, the university decision-making process right now, and their parents, to help us understand how they make their decisions and how better Valdosta state can differenciate themselves so that they can become a more compelling option when the student makes that decision", says CMS President, Frank Sanders.

After the data has been collected, the newly developed Institutional Leadership Task Force will help the University relay the information to the public.

Gooding added she is glad the current president and administration is willing to invest in this type of research.

For more information visit, www.valdosta.edu/administration/emc/identity-study