Southland Church Helps To Feed The Hungry In Valdosta

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Valdosta, GA - It gives new meaning to a drive through. Except this Happy Meal weighs 25 pounds. And it's all free.

Cars lined up at Southland Church on East Hill Avenue in Valdosta Thursday. There were enough boxes of supplies to help 400 families. Each of the volunteers are members of the Church.

"We have a lot of people out there who are hungry and needful. We thank God that he can use us to help the less fortunate," said James Mitchell, Volunteer.

"Some people don't do things like this. But helping is good you know. And I appreciate everything," said Hayward Johnson who received supplies.

Each family gets a big box of food and a box of personal care supplies. All in all, each box should be enough to help a family of four for a week.

They have everything from Cornflakes to Mac & Cheese and laundry detergent to antibiotic wipes. And don't forget the 24 packs of water.

This is the biggest supplies give-away at Southland Church in recent memory. They do this twice a week but never this big. This load came from Oklahoma-based "Feed The Children".

Southland Church does their REGULAR give-aways Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you need a little help, all you have to do is have an ID and proof of a Valdosta address.

So if all the best things in life are free then the brotherhood felt here is priceless.

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