Valdosta City Leaders Working On Plan To Curb Flooding

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By Greg Gullberg
May 09, 2013

Valdosta, GA - Valdosta has experienced two major floods in the past four years. They are the kind that should only come once or twice in a century.

It was just February when the Meadow Brook Subdivision in Valdosta looked more like a lake. Heavy rains caused the swollen Withlacoochee River to overflow its banks causing dramatic flooding. But that's nothing compared to the flood of 2009.

The City of Valdosta is now asking for the help of the Army Corps of Engineers. The City Council unanimously approved a plan Thursday to have the Corps come do an extensive study of the Withlacoochee River Basin and develop solutions to curve the flooding.

The study will cost $150 thousand. The city and Corps will each pay half. Once the plan is complete and the recommendations are finalized, the city will look to the federal government for help funding the projects.

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