Valdosta Teacher Resigns After Arrest For Battery On Student

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Press Release: Valdosta City Schools

In Valdosta City Schools, we consider it to be very unfortunate anytime a situation arises with a faculty member or student that requires an investigation.

“It is our responsibility to ensure the safety of each member of the Valdosta City Schools family, from our students to our administrators and everyone in between. When an unfortunate circumstance arises, it is without hesitation that we begin an investigation that affords each individual their due process rights,” said E. Martin Roesch, superintendent of Valdosta City Schools.

“Anything that would jeopardize the integrity of this process is profoundly prohibited. In addition, commenting on student behavior proceedings or any personnel matters are against board of education policy.

Again, it is the mission of our school system to ensure quality teaching and learning and to achieve that safety is our ultimate responsibility.”

By: Eames Yates

UPDATE, September 25, 2013, 2pm

Randall Owens has resigned from Valdosta High School as of this Monday, September 23, 2013.

Press Release: Valdosta Police Department

On Monday, September 16, 2013 at approximately 9:30 am, the Valdosta High School notified the School Resource Officer assigned to the high school about an incident which occurred on Friday, September 13, 2013, involving a student and a teacher.

According to the report the teacher, Randell Owens, was standing in front of a locker room door in the hallway when a student attempted to open the door, which struck Owens.

Owens then turned and swung his elbow at the student who blocked the elbow with his hand. Owens then pushed the student back into the locker room.

On September 17, 2013, after an investigation into the incident to include conducting interviews and reviewing other evidence, the Valdosta Police Department obtained an arrest warrant from a judge for Randell Owens for Simple Battery.

Owens, who had been previously placed on administrative leave by the school, turned himself in to the Lowndes County Jail and was released on bond. “During the investigation, the administration of the Valdosta City School System were fully cooperative with the police department”, stated Chief Brian Childress.

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