Valdosta Fire Department Creates First Ever Pin-Up Calendar

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By: Eames Yates
February 9, 2013

Sometimes you got to think outside the box in order to get things done. That's what the Valdosta Fire Department did when they created their first ever pin up calendar called Valdosta's Hot Heroes. The proceeds from the calendar go towards the restoration of a piece of the city's history.

Lieutenant Chad Roe of the Valdosta Fire Department said "the Fire Department's all about tradition. And we have a 1927 ladder truck that's still operational. And from what we know it's the oldest one in the country."

Roughly a dozen fire fighters from Station One spent the day outside the Walmart on Norman Drive selling their product. But don't get this calender confused with a risky shirtless one.

Sergeant Carolyn McMillan of the Valdosta Fire Department said "those calendars all seemed the same to me. It just seemed like you maybe would have superimposed a face with the same body. Mine have action shots. You know, the guys are doing something that we do basically every day."

They raised more than a thousand dollars for the vintage truck. Once fully restored it will be used for parades and other public events.

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