Valdosta Gas Station Robbery Caught On Tape

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Valdosta, GA - A violent armed robbery is caught on tape.

Two men covered their faces with hoodies and bandanas. They took the store clerk by force. With a gun to the back of his head they stole several thousand dollars from the cash registers.

"That's enough to make you make a mess of your pants right there," said customer Jeff Vollmer.

We showed bits of the surveillance video to customers at the Race Way Gas Station on Saint Augustine Road in Valdosta.

"Boy when anybody points a gun at the back of your head and holds it there, that's got to be the scariest moment of your life," said Vollmer.

"Oh my God," said customer LeKisha Thorp. "That poor guy. Is he okay?"

The clerk is just fine, although understandably shaken up. But the store manager says the robbers got away with as much as $9,000.

After watching the video, the manager believes the men came on foot from the woods behind the store. They walked up together and went inside. But when they came back out they actually separated and went opposite directions.

The robbery happened early Tuesday morning and lasted just three minutes. Now Valdosta Police are just hoping the video will spur some clue that may lead to an arrest.

Anyone with information on this crime is asked to call the Valdosta Police Department.

Valdosta Police Department: (229) 242-2606

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