Valdosta Lowndes Metropolitan Planning Organization Hosts 2040 Transportation Plan Meetings

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Winnie Wright
August 19, 2014

Valdosta, GA - The Valdosta Lowndes Metropolitan Planning Organization, the regional transportation planning agency, is seeking input on transportation projects in Valdosta and Lowndes County.

It's called the 2040 Transportation Vision Plan because these are actually going to be the transportation projects developed over the next 25 years. Everything from road construction, to biking lanes, to a public bus system are on the table. Corey Hull, with the Valdosta Lowndes Metropolitan Planning Organization... who is putting on the event.. says it's important for the public to voice their opinions on the future of transportation in our area.

"We need to be starting to plan now for those projects we are going to be seeing in 25 years. 2040 seems like a long way out there, but it's going to be here before we know it", says Corey Hull.

Hull says this open house begins a year-long process of getting input from the community, and no decisions will be made tonight.

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