'Crazy Clown' Scares In Valdosta

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By Greg Gullberg
August 26, 2013

Valdosta, GA - Valdosta Police are joining the effort to crack down on the sale of a dangerous herbal incense called "Crazy Clown".

Also called "Herbal Madness", it's popping up in some convenience stores and smoke shops in Georgia.

"We'll check stores to see if it shows up and if it does we'll get it off the shelves. We'll talk to the owners. Usually they're pretty cooperative," said Lt. Aaron Kirk with the Valdosta Police Department.

Police say eight teens and young adults were hospitalized Thursday in the Brunswick area for smoking the substance. The Georgia Health Department says this neurotoxin can render a person unconscious and cause severe cardiac problems.

Officials are now testing "Crazy Clown" to see what chemicals it contains. To be illegal, it has to actually include an illegal ingredient. Right now, all police can do is issue a warning.

"Because it could be life threatening I would not use it. If you have this stuff in your possession I would dispose of it right away," said Lt. Kirk.

Anyone who has used the substance Crazy Clown should seek immediate medical attention.

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