Valdosta Police Step Up To Prevent Crime On Black Friday

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Valdosta, GA - Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year. And when you get all these people together there can be fights, shootings and of course break-ins. That's why the Valdosta Police Department is keeping a watchful eye in their Mobile Command Center.

"We're looking for people breaking into vehicles. Anybody who looks suspicious. Maybe pan handling in the parking lot," said Patrolman A.J. McDaniel.

"You have a sea of vehicles out here. You probably have a lot of things sitting in the vehicles that would be appealing to somebody coming and looking in the vehicles," said CPT Bobbie McGraw.

The truck has a surveillance camera that can see up to 500 yards in crystal clarity. When they catch a crime in action, Patrolmen McDaniel becomes a sort of Police Quarterback. With a bird's eye view he can quickly respond by calling other officers or making the arrest himself. Whatever it takes to prevent crime and keep people safe this holiday season.

They rolled out the Command Center Wednesday for the shopping season. It will stick around until after New Years.

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