Valdosta Police To Start Ticketing Drivers On Hwy 84

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By Greg Gullberg
June 13, 2013

Valdosta, GA - Driving on a busy stretch of highway could end up costing you money.

Cops in Valdosta are now out patrolling the construction zone on Highway 84, also called Hill Avenue. Police want drivers to start using the detour routes around the highway.

But it's a process. The detour enforcement began Thursday and as of the end of the day, there was still lots of traffic coming and going.

Crews are building a new Overpass over the train tracks on Highway 84. Valdosta Police want to protect workers from the constant flow of traffic, especially large trucks. They're starting by handing out warnings, but will soon start issuing citations with real penalties.

"We want to give about a week of warnings. When I say a week I mean until June 20th. Once June 20th comes, the warnings will go down and the citations will increase," said Commander Bernard Robinson of the Valdosta Police Dept.

There are two separate detour routes. One is for common traffic and the other is specific to large trucks. Each should add about ten minutes to your commute.

"While it's inconvenient now for motorists to take the detour routes, once this project is complete it's going to be a fantastic thoroughfare through our city and it's going to allow truckers and motorists to get through more effectively," said Sementha Mathews with the City of Valdosta.

"We want to urge all citizens and travelers to please heed to the detours," said Commander Robinson.

The enforcement of the detour routes will last until the overpass is finished in December 2014.

- - - Detour Routes - - -

Common Traffic:
St. Augustine Road/Old Clyattville Road (C.R785)
Gill Harbin Industrial Boulevard (C.R.662)
Madison Highway (C.R. 1273)
S. Patterson Street (S.R. 7BU)

Large Trucks:
St. Augustine Road/Old Clyattville Road (C.R785)
Gill Harbin Industrial Boulevard (C.R.662)
Madison Highway (C.R. 1273)
Inner Perimeter Road (S.R. 7/S.R. 31)

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