Valdosta Road Closures

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By Greg Gullberg
April 08, 2013

Valdosta, GA - More than a dozen streets will be closed for construction in Valdosta at various times this week.

Crews are already working on Willacoochee Drive and Worth Ave.

Crews are doing curb and gutter repair, milling asphalt, root removal and other related work. Streets may be closed during the day but will re-open each evening. Drivers are urged to follow all traffic warning signs and proceed with caution.

Here's the List:

2013 LMIG Resurfacing

District 1: .41 total miles
Banks Circle: Pineview to each end .15 miles previous candidate
Bunche Drive: Bunche Cir to Bethune .18 miles new candidate
Bunche Cir: Bunche Dr to end .03 miles new candidate
Whitman Place: Bancroft to end .05 miles new candidate

District 2: .33 total miles
W Ann Street: Patterson to Oak .19 miles new candidate
E College Street: Ashley to Lee .14 miles previous candidate

District 3: .32 total miles
Nan Street: River to Blanton .32 miles previous candidate

District 4: .43 total miles
Willacoochee Dr: Northside to Habersham .14 miles new candidate
Worth Avenue: Clayton to Madison .29 miles new candidate

District 5: .56 total miles
Bud McKey Circle .56 miles previous candidate

District 6: .28 total miles
Maplewood Drive: Azalea to end .16 miles new candidate
N Sherwood Drive: Lakeshore to Riverside .06 miles new candidate
N Sherwood Drive: 2603 to 2608 .06 miles new candidate

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