Valdosta Woman Hopes Family in Oklahoma is Safe After Tornado

Credit: CBS/KWTV
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By Eames Yates
May 21, 2013

Valdosta, GA -

The deadly tornado in Oklahoma has torn families apart. Valdosta resident April Shelton grew up in Oklahoma City. She has two cousins that go to an elementary school that was hit by the tornado. She said "I don't know if they've been found yet or not becuase I haven't spoken to anybody yet so right now it's just a waiting game."

She says not knowing if they're okay is the hardest part.

April said "I hate that my family's down there and not being able to do nothing. But, I mean, I know what a tornado can do. I know the devastation it can do because I've been there, seen it, been through it."

April was in the May third tornado in Oklahoma back in 1999 which killed thirty six people and injured nearly three hundred. As for this recent tornado, she's not the only one worried.

She said "I had a customer come in here earlier today, he said that his grandchildren were out there and he couldn't get a hold of them. And he was saying how scary that was and yes it is but you just got to have the faith and hope for the best and that's all you can do at a time like this."

At last check April has yet to hear if her two cousins are okay.

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