Valentine's Day Gives Local Business a Boost

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-- Valdosta, Ga. -- February 14, 2013 --

One Valdosta resident said "I got my dog a gift, a stuffed dog with a heart on it." Another said "we're just having an all girls party." Some have more expensive tastes then others on Valentines day. Another resident said "it better be something good, like diamonds!!"

But for many in Valdosta it wasn't bling or a new car... Flower power was the language of love.

Susan Mullis' shop, The Flower Gallery, has been serving Valdosta's romantics for the last forty years. This year she had to hire extra workers to man the phones, design the bouquets and deliver the goods.

This season there 500 orders placed at the Flower Gallery. All in all the store does more than $20,000 worth of business on Valentine's Day alone.

In total, this year's holiday is estimated to contribute more than $18 billion to the national economy.

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