Veterans Still Seeking Help with Annual Veterans Day Parade

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Tallahassee, FL - The Veterans Day parade in Tallahassee is a week from today.

This year, Vets say they just didn't get the money they hoped for to put on the event they envisioned, and they say this due in part to a lackluster interest from local businesses.

Joe West, a local veteran: "We were looking to do $16,000, we were short $7,000 or $8,000, we probaby got three of that so we're still about $5,000 short of where we wanted to be."

As one of organizers, he says that budget cut will mean fewer American flags, programs and balloons for the crowd. But it was the reaction from potential donors, mainly from the business community that he says really upset him.

West: "The question asked us most times when we approach a business is what's in it for them, my response usually is, I don't know, freedom, the right to vote, the opportunity to have your own business haven't we done enough for you already?"

A sentiment echoed by everyone in this room.

Says Addie Carroll- Bell: "Our veterans serving 365 days a year and we honor them one day."

But not one that will deter them from pushing for more money for next year.

"Hopefully they'll walk away from the parade with a good feeling and want to become part of the ownership of that parade."

The parade is November 12th, it starts at 10:45 that morning. It'll start at Brevard and Monroe streets.


People who would like to donate towards the Veteran's Day Parade event should go to the site On that site they can either make a one-time contribution or pledge a certain amount per month.

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