Vets Officially Honored on Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day

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By: Elizabeth Nickerson

March 19, 2013

Tallahassee, FL--"Long overdue," said Mike Donohoe, a Vietnam Veteran. "Long overdue."

"Nice to see it officially recognized," said Joe West , a Vietnam Veteran. "It's sad that it's 40 years after the fact."

It was bittersweet for Vietnam Vets who were honored for their service on Military Appreciation Day. March 30TH is officially recognized as "Welcome Home Vietnam Veteran's Day" in Florida.

"Better late than never," said Robert Jordan, a Vietnam Veteran. "When I see these young guys come home from Iraq and Afghanistan and everybody shaking their hands all that, I shake their hands I give them a lot of respect, but their is a part of me that says were is mine."

"The Worst thing that can happen to us is that America forgets what we did," said Donohoe.

But today proved otherwise as people of all-ages had the chance to dress up as war heroes and test out real war gear from all eras.

"Makes me proud to have served our country and that the Veterans of our nation are being recognized," said Robert Stansburg, a Veteran
"To all my brotherans welcome home," said Donohoe.

On Saturday March 30Th, Vietnam Veterans will be properly welcomed home at the Vietnam War Memorial in front of the Capitol.

The event is open to the public.

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